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We are a practice for psychological care, general basic mental health care (gb-GGz) and specialist mental health care (g-GGz).

General basic mental health care is provided to alleviate mild to moderate psychological problems that emerged recently.

Specialist mental health care is provided for problems that have existed for a long duration of time and are controlled by repetitive patterns.
The purpose is to bring about structural changes in the personality without losing one's own identity to make it less likely for the patterns of the complaint to recur.


Unhappy, anxiety, conflict, depressed, tension...

It is sound and sensible to address any problem or complaint you have.
Goal is reducing distress and lowering the chance of recurrent complaints for a more enjoyable life.

Mental disorders we treat:

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Psychotherapie-Amsterdam-Hoofdbehandelaar-Mevr. S. Guenther-Rienks

Sjoukje Günther-Rienks, practice owner